Should You Buy A Copier New Or Used?

3 September 2019
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Commercial copiers can be thousands of dollars. While it's possible to save some money by purchasing a copier used, there are also some trade-offs. Here's what you should consider. A Used Copier Is Likely Out of Warranty Having a warranty on a copier is useful. If anything breaks down, you can call the manufacturer to take a look at it. A used copier is going to be cheaper, but you will be responsible for all the repairs on your own. Read More 

Designing & Printing Conference Posters

24 May 2019
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Presenting a poster at a conference is often the easiest way to convey information about your research in front of an audience. When you have flexibility in the design and printing options for your poster, there are several factors that will influence the resulting quality of your creation. Be Mindful of Color Combinations The classic poster is black text on a white background, but this results in low visual appeal and your poster is not likely to stand out. Read More 

3 Tips For Printing Your Photo Memories

22 March 2019
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The biggest changes happening in the world right now involve technology. As there are over 3.8 billion people using the web, the world is becoming increasingly digital. As part of the move to digital, paper and hard copies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. That changes some of the most basic parts of the human experience, including how we store our memories. Now, all our favorite photos are uploaded to the cloud and shared with the world. Read More