Should You Buy A Copier New Or Used?

3 September 2019
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Commercial copiers can be thousands of dollars. While it's possible to save some money by purchasing a copier used, there are also some trade-offs. Here's what you should consider.

A Used Copier Is Likely Out of Warranty

Having a warranty on a copier is useful. If anything breaks down, you can call the manufacturer to take a look at it. A used copier is going to be cheaper, but you will be responsible for all the repairs on your own. If you have easy access to a technician, it isn't a problem; if you have a small business, it may be more of an issue.

Copier Technology Doesn't Change Significantly

One reason you might want a used copier is that copier technology doesn't change too much year-over-year. If you want a basic office copier, it won't usually matter if you purchase a new copier or a 5-year old copier: it'll still make copies the same. 

There is one exception: if you want integrated, Internet-of-Things functionality, newer copiers are able to integrate with networks better. 

You Can Lease a Used Copier

Many copier companies have both copiers for sale and copiers for lease. Through their program, you can lease a used copier and get the benefit of their repair and maintenance contract. If you're already looking at used copiers, this can be an ideal solution. You won't need to pay for the copier upfront, but instead will need to pay a low monthly price. You can even lease a new copier, at a low price.

Copiers Do Experience a Lot of Wear and Tear

In busier offices, copiers are sometimes working 24/7. It isn't possible to tell how much work a copier has done when you look at it. You may be purchasing a copier that is already at the end of its usable life, because it has simply been worked too hard. This can be a gamble, even if the upfront costs are low.

Whether a new or used copier is better for you depends on your budget and needs. If you have a low budget and don't use a copier too often, then a used one may be best. If you frequently rely on your copier for business operations, it may be better to get a new copier that's still under warranty.

Before you look into individual copiers for sale, consider contacting a copier leasing agency. A leasing agency will be able to provide you with options for both new and used products.