Desirable Features For Commercial Stickers

14 June 2023
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A lot of companies have a selection of stickers that they hand out to customers and clients. You might wish to hand out stickers at a trade show or other similar event, while another option is to give a sticker to each person who buys something at your store. Stickers can be an effective marketing tool, and it's important to put careful thought into their design. When it's time to order your stickers from a commercial printing company, you should evaluate your options carefully. Many of these companies print stickers on a plastic-like material, which offers numerous benefits. Here are some features that this material may have.


If you're going to be ordering stickers that you expect people will use outdoors — for example, as a bumper sticker on their vehicles — ensuring that the material is waterproof will be important. Many printing companies advertise that their sticker material indeed offers this trait, which will help the longevity of the sticker. A non-waterproof sticker that appears on a vehicle will likely soften and fall off after exposure to wet conditions on a few occasions, but a sticker that uses waterproof material will maintain a like-new appearance.

Scratch Resistant

It's also useful to ensure that the commercial printing company has sticker material that is rated as scratch resistant. Many of these materials have this designation, which will make you feel confident about the longevity of your stickers. Stickers that are printed on scratch-resistant material will hold up well against contact with various objects. For example, if someone places one of your stickers on their laptop computer, the sticker shouldn't sustain scratches as the person slides the computer in and out of their backpack.

Fade Resistant

Look for stickers that have a fade-resistant rating. This means that their colors won't fade as a result of exposure to the sun's UV rays. Lots of things can fade when they're in the sun, and you don't want your stickers fading to the point that they're unreadable. In the case of a bumper sticker or any sticker that people will use outdoors, being fade resistant is especially important. By not fading, the sticker will have a high level of longevity — remaining visible for a prolonged period and allowing people to see its design with ease. Confirm each of these sticker material traits before you order a batch of stickers at a local commercial print shop. 

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