What Is The Ideal Use Case For Digital Printing?

12 December 2022
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Digital printing services are among the most commonly used forms of media production in the modern world. People make all kinds of items with digital printing, from fliers to sets of complete books. Not every use case is perfect for digital printing solutions, though. You can compare your plans to these five ideal use cases to decide if a digital process is the best match.

Low-Volume Runs

One of the main uses for digital printing is the production of low-volume runs. If you need to produce 100 menus for a restaurant, for example, there's a good case for digital printing services. Conversely, you might want to look at alternative solutions like offset or screen printing if you're trying to do thousands or more items. Higher-volume solutions are especially good if you're trying to keep costs down or have relatively simple designs.


Printing services use digital technologies to create high-quality products. If you need 20 full-color posters to promote an event, the quality of the product will be excellent with digital printing solutions.

Notably, printing services can produce quality items on many media types, too. Fabric, card stock, linen, and letter-grade paper all work well with digital printing. Even certain types of cardboard and carton can work well with this process.

On-Demand Printing

Once the printing company has the template for your product, you can easily request items on demand. Understandably, small production runs will likely cost more on a per-unit basis. However, if you don't want to sit on tons of inventory, digital printing can help. People often choose it in the early days of businesses, events, bands, and other things because they don't have to commit to major production runs.


Many digital methods also allow significant customization. If you want every kid on a Little League team to have their name and number on their shirt, digital printing solutions will do the job well. You also can change dates. For example, a band on tour might use digital printing services to print shirts with locations and dates for specific concerts. Every fan gets a memento that connects them to the event as much as it does the band,

Right-Now Printing

Alternative printing services tend to require more planning and setup. If you're willing to shoulder the higher cost, digital printing is great even for large production runs that have to happen right now. Companies often employ digital tools to create shirts to take advantage of trends or recognize current events.

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