What Can You Do With Office Printing Pickup Orders?

12 July 2022
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Offices need hard copies of documents, such as payrolls, budgets, and business proposals. While using an in-house printer for these jobs may seem smart initially, the costs of printer upkeep and ink can quickly add up. That's why many business owners choose to outsource their printing needs to a dedicated printing service. Office printing services can print and collate documents, cover letters, and other items needed for the day-to-day upkeep of your business. Here are four specific things you can do when placing office printing pickup orders at your local print shop: 

1. Print small or large volumes of documents.

Your business printing needs will depend on many factors, including the size of your business, industry, and current workload. You may find that your printing needs fluctuate over time as you gain or lose clients. Fortunately, business printing companies offer print-on-demand services for small and large businesses alike. You can have a few documents printed or several. When your needs change, your printing habits can as well.

2. Choose black and white or color prints.

Business printing services create water-resistant, lightfast prints using state-of-the-art laser printers. Laser printers can create black and white and color prints with equal ease, which means you can select the type of print that is best for any given job. Black and white prints are typically cheaper, and they are suitable for most office documents. Color prints can add a pop of color to any document, allowing you to render photographs and illustrations in perfect, lifelike color.

3. Specify the orientation and other details about your print order.

When placing a print order, you'll have the opportunity to specify the way you'd like your documents printed. Documents can be printed in landscape or portrait orientations to suit your needs. Additionally, you can have your documents bound to improve your organization and save time. Documents can be stapled or spiral-bound, according to your preferences. You can even choose the type of paper you'd like your office documents printed on. Cardstock, standard letter paper, and recycled paper are three excellent options.

4. Schedule your print job for a specific time or pick it up as soon as possible

Finally, you can schedule your office print job for pickup during a time that is convenient for you. People with regular print orders may decide to schedule daily or weekly pickups. However, when you need your documents in a hurry, you can schedule your print job for pickup as soon as possible.

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