Everything You Need To Know About Continuous Ink Supply Systems And Their Advantages For Your Printing Projects

20 May 2022
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Printing is typically considered to be an expensive task. After paying for paper, ink, and replacement cartridges, a bulk printing job can take a toll on your wallet. Fortunately, there is a solution. Continuous ink supply systems eliminate the need for standard ink cartridges that have to be replaced on a frequent basis. Instead, a continuous ink supply system significantly cuts costs by utilizing tanks to provide more ink and continue delivering a high level of print quality. Below you will find a quick guide of everything you need to know about how continuous ink supply systems work and why they are ideal for your next big printing project.

1) How does a continuous ink supply system work?

The way a continuous ink supply system operates isn't as complicated as it may sound at first. Simply put, the system begins with a device that passes ink from specialized external tanks to a printhead inside of an inkjet printer. From there, the printhead smoothly layers the ink onto the paper. The flow of ink is steady, automatically refilling as needed. Since it isn't necessary to swap out empty cartridges for new ones, a continuous ink supply system can keep the print job moving without creating any downtime. Each ink tank holds enough ink to improve the printing capacity. This makes it easier for you to stay under budget and spend less time managing your printing project.

2) What are the benefits of continuous ink supply systems?

Besides saving you money, continuous ink supply systems offer some additional benefits too. For example, the printing quality of a continuous ink supply system is always reliable. Due to the consistent performance of the system, the ink is deposited onto paper in a uniform fashion that doesn't cause smears or splotches. Furthermore, the system creates a painless printing experience. Replacing regular ink cartridges can sometimes be a time-consuming challenge, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the printer itself. Continuous ink supply systems, however, allow you to sit back and watch the printing happen without the interruption of installing fresh cartridges. As long as you keep the ink tanks full, you'll find that the system is efficient and straightforward from start to finish. 

3) What kind of maintenance does a continuous ink supply system require?

Your continuous ink supply system can work properly for a very long time, but you will eventually need to give the device a bit of TLC. The most important step is to thoroughly clean all of the parts associated with the system. Wipe down the printhead with a soft rag, and flush out the tanks and waste bottle. Make sure that the hoses that connect the tanks to the printhead are free of air bubbles and debris. After you've put everything back into place, run a test print to confirm that the tanks are level and the printhead is functioning correctly. Performing regular maintenance on your printer will guarantee that your continuous ink supply system doesn't fail when you need it the most.

If you have an extensive amount of printing to complete, you might worry about the high cost of materials. To solve this problem, consider investing in a continuous ink supply system to save money and ensure that your ink tanks never run dry.

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