How To Choose And Buy The Best Delta Sigma Theta Birthday Cards

30 October 2021
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Being a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Inc., is a lifelong decision that requires you to keep renewing your commitment and appreciation. Celebrating the birthdays of your line sisters and fellow members is one of the best ways to show your love and dedication to each other and the organization. If you're interested in buying one of these cards for a special sorority sister, begin with the suggestions in this article. 

Look for the best Delta Sigma Theta themed card design to create the effect you're hoping to impart

Delta Sigma Theta has some specific characteristics that should be included in the birthday card. You can include the sorority motto, the elephant mascot, and the Crimson and Cream color scheme. Consider including your recipient's line name or quotes from chants or greetings you both learned while online. 

College-educated women who cross the "burning sands" to become members of this organization fondly remember these characteristics, so including it in a card on their special day will hit the mark. 

You may also want to include information from the founders, to refocus on sorority principles and aims. For instance, founders like Winona Cargile Alexander were influential in education and church activities during their lifetime. Founder Edna Brown Coleman is known for marrying one of the founders of Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Theta's brother organization. The organization is rich with historical gems, so figure out which you'd like to include. 

Choose a card stock, size, and quality that you prefer

Don't forget to choose the physical characteristics of the card. The idea is to buy a card that is durable and well put together. This way, it's less likely to get tossed aside, and can serve as a keepsake for the mantle or scrapbook. You will likely want to look into an 80 to 110-pound card stock for any card that you're creating. Make sure that the print company produces cards that are rich in color and resolution. 

Consider the cost and whether or not you can include some customization options. Perhaps you have a favorite picture with them that you want to include on the inside or front of the card. Since you're putting this level of thought into the card, make sure that you put it in the mail in a timely fashion, and in an envelope that creates the right presentation. 

Use these tips when you're ready to buy a thoughtful Delta Sigma Theta birthday card. Contact someone like Quality Digital Creations Inc. for more ideas.