5 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

18 August 2021
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Your booth display is an integral part of success at any trade show. Every business that spends time and money on its trade show presence needs to stand out and make an impact with potential customers or partners. How can your display help do this? Here are a few ways.

1. Contrasting Color Schemes

One of the easiest ways to stand out on a trade show exhibition floor is to use a contrasting color palette from your neighbors' booths. Look at where your booth will be located and what other exhibitors are in the area, then try to select colors that will stand out from them. Of course, be sure you don't violate your own branding to achieve this. 

2. An Unexpected Element

Attendees will notice you if you provide them with something they haven't seen before—or at least that they aren't seeing around them. Surprising additions can be anything you think would attract attention or start conversations, such as an interactive game, promotion on a large and unexpected item, or a rare item displayed. 

3. Unique Backgrounds

Just like the use of a memorable color palette, a memorable booth background can set you apart from others. Look for ways to personalize your overall booth display in ways that still harmonize with your brand. You could create a homey, living room feel with accessories and seating, for instance, or a tour through the history of your industry. Getting away from the standard neutral background filled with logos makes an impact. 

4. Simplicity and Ease

Don't make your booth more complicated than it needs to be. Passing customers should know where to focus their attention and navigate through your displays easily. If you use interactive elements, make them simple with instructions that are clear to follow. Are you creating a story structure for people to follow? They should need no help navigating your booth. And wording should be minimal, large, and simple. 

5. A Clear Welcome

Don't forget to invite attendees to enter your booth. It's okay to clearly invite them inside in so many words, either through signage or by staff stationed around. Make the area user-friendly and easy to access without stepping too far inside. Snacks or beverages provide appealing hospitality. And avoid obstacles and bottlenecks that discourage people from wandering in freely. 

Where to Start

Could your trade booth use improvement in any of these design areas? If so, start making positive changes by consulting with a printing service that provides custom displays. Together, you can design a space that will catch people's eyes and make them want to learn more.