Useful Promotional Products That Contain Custom Printing

27 May 2020
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How you go about informing the public about the services that your new business will offer may have a bearing on how many sales you complete during your grand opening. Giving away useful promotional products is a great way to break the ice and introduce yourself and your employees to those who you encounter. If you think that taking part in a convention this summer will be beneficial to the longevity of your business, order some promotional products that correlate to what you will be presenting during the event.

Folders, Pens, And Paper

If you have attended workshops or meetings that passed out packets of information about a particular business, you probably were more likely to look through the materials if they were neatly contained in a binder or a folder. Paper folders that have embossed printing on them or that contain bold print with a business name and address can be prepared through a printing service.

Any materials that pertain to your business, such as pamphlets or instructional leaflets, can be placed inside of each folder. Purchase pens and notepads that have your business name printed on them. Tuck one pen and one notepad inside of each folder. As people approach the counter or booth that you will be using for demonstration purposes, hand each one a folder and encourage them to take notes throughout the business overview that you are presenting. 


Calendars that have important dates marked inside of them, such as occasions in which you will be offering sales or plan on hosting an onsite meeting or a social activity, will remind your potential clients about each date that has been reserved for a business event. A printing company can guide you with choosing a layout for each calendar. This includes the photos and paper quality that will be used, the design that will be printed on the front of each calendar, and the type of lettering or numbers that will be displayed on each page.

All-In-One Tool Sets

All-in-one tool sets can be useful when people may need to make a quick repair or measure something. Purchase tool sets in bulk, that each contain a key ring or a clip. Have a small amount of printing added to each item. If your business sells supplies that need to be measured or if you own a company that features a repair service, an all-in-one tool set will be a promotional item that will be complementary to what your business stands for. 

For more information on finding the right promotional products for your business appearances this summer, talk to a printing services in your area.