Place A Marketable Custom Label On Your Martial Arts DVD

25 February 2020
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Martial arts instructors might be lucky enough to find themselves teaching seminars and workshops away from their schools. Keeping a martial arts school afloat comes with challenges. Both overhead and student turnover are high. Traveling to teach seminars provides an opportunity to make extra income, and so does selling DVDs featuring instructional material. A talented instructor could win over some new students while instructing away from home. The students may opt to pick up a DVD for sale at the seminar. Try not to rely on dull packaging with your name and the DVDs subject matter on it. A flashy custom printed label might help the cause of moving those DVDs.

Catching Attendee's Eyes

The content of a martial arts instructional DVD does move product. Good reviews and recommendations carry weight. Or rather, they do when people read them. Likely, only a small number of seminar attendees are familiar with any online reviews. The seminar itself serves as the prime mover of DVD sales. However, not every person is an easy customer. Spending $30 on a DVD means not being able to spend $30 on something else. Nudging someone to make a purchase isn't always done by a verbal pitch. A well-made custom printed label can do so. Three elements present on the label could help: 

  • A Bold Title: A title scrawled with black ink won't be impacting. Nor is generic oversized Times New Roman font. Using a professional-looking font, artistically designed, and correctly fitted to the label's dimensions might affect would-be customers.
  • A Catchy Slogan: "Improve skills on the mat or on the street...FAST!" might be a little hyperbolic, but it isn't out of the ordinary as far as martial arts marketing goes. Presenting a slogan isn't enough, even when the slogan comes off as catchy. Positioning the slogan properly on the label, and using a font that differentiating it from the title, helps.
  • A Captivating Image: Text has limitations. An original illustration could lend the text an assist. An original illustration connected to the subject matter may catch eyes. One character Judo throwing another becomes hard to miss. A professional label maker is less inclined to let the illustration detract from the text. The image may catch eyes and then direct them to the text.

Perhaps a mix of branding, promotions, and boasting comes together to make a solid martial arts DVD label. Of course, a professional manufactured and printed custom label could potentially maximize such an effect. DIY versions might be lacking.

To learn more about DVD labels, contact a company offering custom label printing services in your area.