Start Thinking About Packaging: Home Business Tips

13 September 2017
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Making crafts, jewelry and other products that you sell to people may be a business that came out of nowhere for you. When you begin receiving online orders or phone orders, as those products go out to customers your concern might be speed and not packaging. However, your packaging can give you greater credibility as a real business and can enchant customers so much that they're eager to receive and reorder your products. Even one of the packaging suggestions below can create an improved customer experience.

Try Splashes of Color

A boring brown or white box or envelope is used by many companies; you should be thinking of providing something different. Giving customers something out of the ordinary with a splash of color will not only pique their interest, but it is also going to definitely be noticed by the postal delivery person, workers handling it and others throughout the pipeline. You might even interest or attract some brand new customers. The brain interprets colors in different ways, so be aware of the colors that best represent your products and company. If you sell romantic products, for instance, using red could be more sensible than green.

This doesn't have to break your budget; colored labels, ribbons and tissue papers are fine choices until you can order colored boxes.

Utilize Miniature Folding

Whether you've created a piece of clothing that requires special care or provide detailed instructions about how best to use your product, printing off a bunch of letter-sized papers to fold and stuff into the package can be amateurish. Not only that, but if your packages are small, all that paper will just make them appear bulky.

A better solution is miniature folding. This process, professionally done, shrinks down those instructions or care pages onto smaller, folded paper that is legible, compact and easily packable. Once you start ramping up international sales, mini-folded translated guides could be smart as well.

Try Different Filling Materials

You might automatically use peanuts or tissue paper because of habit. However, another filling material might be a better protector for items. Send yourself different packages using all different materials to see which seems best. You may discover that your packages look and fare better with something different than you've been using; by putting yourself in customers' positions, you might improve the package they see at their door.

With attention, your packaging can serve your products better. Survey customers, converse with other entrepreneurs and keep looking for new ways to impress the people buying your items. Contact  packaging company, like Flottman Company, for help.