How To Speed Up The Document Scanning Process

21 July 2017
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When you need to scan a single document, this can be a simple task. However, if you instead need to scan thousands of documents, this may be very impractical unless you use specific methods in order to make this possible. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Documents

Scanning all of your documents might seem overwhelming. To make it seem less difficult, start by eliminating anything that you won't need. As you shred these unnecessary documents, you will discover that there were more documents that were unnecessary than you might have realized. 

Use An Automatic Feeder

Consider getting an automatic feeder rather than a flatbed scanner. The flatbed scanner requires that you lift the lid, place the document in the scanner, and close the lid. This is more time consuming than an automatic feeder that allows you to keep feeding page after page into the scanner. Each page can be scanned much more quickly in order to save time. There are some feeders that come with a tray that allows you to simply place a stack of documents so you do not have to feed individual documents manually. 

Use A Duplex Scanner

If you have documents that have more than one side, it is important to use a duplex scanner. This will scan both sides and will make the process much faster. The document is scanned on one side and then a series of rollers flip the document over so that it is scanned on the other side. 

Besides scanning documents quickly, it is also important to make documents easy to use. For example, there are programs that use optical recognition that allow for documents to be searchable. 

Once you have scanned everything, it is important to create a policy where the document is placed where it needs to go as soon as it arrives. If you will be using a document feeder, the document needs to be placed on a stack that will eventually be placed in the feeder. However, if you must scan each document individually, do this as soon as you receive it. The scans must be backed up. This is the best way to make sure that you will always have your documents. 

If you simply do not have time to scan your documents, it is best to contact a document solution company. These professionals will offer a variety of document services, including scanning, and will make the stack of documents much more manageable.