3 Tips For Successful Label Design

25 April 2017
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When it comes to marketing your product to the public, the label you attach to your product's container can play a critical role. Labels provide a vehicle through which vital information can be transmitted about your product, and labels also serve as a valuable marketing asset.

Here are three tips that you can use to help create more successful labels for your products in the future.

1. Make sure your design aesthetic complements the product.

Since a consumer will likely notice the design of your label before they actually notice the product itself, the label you use must complement the product. If your product is botanical in nature (like a candle, jar of honey, or bag of potpourri), then you should design a label with an earthy feel to it. If your product is high-tech and sophisticated, then a label with metallic elements may be more appropriate.

A successful label's design should hint at what the product it is promoting, so be sure your design aesthetic complements the product your label is attached to.

2. Look at the labels on competing products.

If you plan to sell your product in a retail setting, then it can be beneficial to think about how your product will look on retail shelves as you design your labels.

Studying the labels on competing products will help you identify colors, shapes, and fonts that will stand out when your product is shelved next to your competitors' products. This information can be used to design a label that will draw the attention of consumers and help you increase your retail sales revenue in the future.

3. Design with sustainability in mind.

You should carefully consider the sustainability of your product's packaging when you are designing your labels. If you are packaging your product in an elegant glass or durable plastic container, consumers may want to reuse this packaging for a new purpose once your product has been removed. 

You should ensure that the label you design for your packaging can easily be peeled off to ensure the sustainability of the packaging itself. When a label can easily be removed, consumers are less likely to get frustrated and form a negative association with your company.

Designing the right label is something that plays a critical role in the success of a product. Ensure that your labels are attracting potential buyers by creating the right aesthetic, using graphics that stand out on retail shelves, and ensuring your labels can easily be removed so that your product packaging can be reused.

For more information and assistance in designing a label, contact label manufacturers in your area.