Cool Custom Ideas For Your Upcoming Family Reunion

24 April 2017
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Hosting a family reunion this year? Make sure to give family members and guests something special for attending your event--a cool, customized reminder of the day! Talk with printing professionals about the options and screen printing supplies they have available to help you find the perfect items to use as party favors and thank-you gifts that family and friends will cherish for years to come.

Some customized goods that make cool favors at your reunion include the following.

Tee-shirts. Get a big batch of tee-shirts screen-printed for your event. If this is a reunion that you host annually, guests may begin to save the shirts and look forward to seeing each year's design. This is also a great way to foster solidarity during your event, as you can request that guests wear their reunion tees during your event.

Coffee mugs. Customize some simple ceramic mugs or plastic travel cups for each guest at your reunion. These are inexpensive to print, and most printers will offer some variation on these for you to customize. Make sure to put the date of the event, family name, and other information on each cup to serve as a lasting souvenir of the occasion.

Cool caps. Custom baseball-caps serve a couple purposes; first, they are a great memento of your reunion, and second, they will keep the sun off guests while they socialize and engage outside. Go with a flexible-fit cap and consider having these screen-printed for bold, vibrant colors and unique motifs.

Baby goods. If there are any little-ones in your family, make sure to give them a favor that will serve as a keepsake when they are older. Create mini-versions of your reunion tee with onesies or baby-sized tee shirts. These are adorable, and will make the entire family smile.

Tote bags. Give each guest a personalized tote bag or recyclable grocery bag to keep all of their goodies in, and to serve as a great keepsake from the reunion. These can be screen-printed with images, logos, and family photos, and are super-useful every day.  Consider saving these until guests leave as a party favor that thanks them for attending your event.

If you are planning a family reunion, make sure to give guests something that will remind them of the day and that will foster solidarity among your guests during the event. Talk with printing companies and screen-printers for additional ideas, supplies, and costs associated with these favors and gifts. These experts should be able to provide estimates for your reunion planning and budgeting.