How To Market An Insurance Company By Creating Custom Calendars

30 June 2015
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Running a successful insurance agency often requires a lot of marketing, because of the competitive nature of this industry. While there are many different methods you can use to market your insurance agency, utilizing the services of a print shop could be a good decision to make for marketing purposes. One of the products you could hire a print shop to make for you is a custom calendar. Here are three things to know about custom calendars that might help you create it in the best way possible.

Reasons To Choose Custom Calendars

Print shops can make hundreds of different products you can use to market your business, but a calendar is one of the best options. Calendars make great gifts and are useful for people and businesses. Calendars come in many types and sizes, and you could send them to your current policyholders or to the general public. Here are four benefits this could offer your insurance agency:

  • They can help you find new customers – If you send calendars to everyone in a certain area, town, or location, it could stir up some new business for you. When people need insurance services, they might be more apt to call your company because of the gift they received in the mail.
  • They could boost sales from current customers – When current customers receive your calendars, it might cause them to call your office to increase or add coverage to existing insurance policies.
  • They can educate consumers – Another good benefit of giving away calendars is that it offers a chance for you to teach people things about insurance and safety. This benefit could also help increase your sales.
  • They may increase brand recognition – When people see your calendar often, they will constantly be reminded of your business. This helps people remember your business and recognize it.

As you consider making a custom calendar to give away, you should make sure you thoroughly analyze what to include on the pages of your calendar.

Tips To Create An Effective Calendar

Creating a calendar that helps increase the sales of your business takes some thought, research, and work. You may want to begin by finding out what templates are available for calendars. You may see that there are single-page calendars, pocketbook calendars, and wall calendar books.

A wall calendar that contains a different page for each month of the year is the best type to choose if you want to really promote your business. With this type, you will get to choose a layout and picture for each page, plus you will get to select information for each page. In other words, you will have to design each page in the calendar. Here are some ideas of things you may want to include to market your insurance agency:

  • Explanations of insurance types – You may want to use the page for one month to describe the different types of insurance products your agency sells.
  • Tips for bundling plans – You could dedicate another page in the calendar to information on bundling insurance, the benefits of it, and what it means.
  • Fire safety tips – October is typically recognized as fire-safety month, and you could use this month to offer safety tips for homeowners. This could include information about smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and evacuation plans.
  • Tips for filing claims – You might also want to educate consumers about the claim process used by your insurance company.

There are many other tips and information you can also include on a custom calendar for your business. If you would like to learn more about your options and the benefits of custom calendars, contact a printing service today.